Why Choose Us?

                                                                                    Photo Credit: Nguyen Hung Vu

When I was teaching business English, one of the main fears my students had was giving a presentation in a second language. Things such as typos, mispronunciations or misused vocabulary could potentially damage a client contract, a job promotion or a product launch.

The students were experts in their fields, highly educated and most had studied English for years. And yet, these high stakes created incredible stress. I realized that most of these people didn’t need months of English instruction, but rather they needed a native English speaker and qualified instructor to check for homonyms, misplaced prepositions or anything that sounded “funny.”

Even the most fluent among them needed practice to increase confidence, fluidity and command of the language. They needed an English coach to help achieve individual goals, while maintaining the unique core values of their companies.

These are things most language schools are not designed to provide. 

While CEOs of major companies have their own personal speechwriters, business people, middle managers and sales representatives don’t often have this luxury. They are expected to represent their companies in the best possible light in a second (or sometimes third) language with few in-house resources.

The more I learned about my clients’ challenges, the more I wanted to help. Thus, KLW English was born.

It is my goal to help clients present themselves in a way that does justice to who they are: intelligent, hard-working and professional. Each client is treated as an individual; and we work together to find the “right” words–ones that will move, inform and inspire.

With my years of experience as a writer, editor, instructor and expatriate living in Germany, I am in a unique position to help.

Language should never be a barrier to success. 

I am passionate about helping clients communicate their ideas as well in English as they would in their native language. For many, their reputations depend on it.





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